Individual Psychology in Action – LIFESTYLE x Adler x Polaroids


Individual Psychology in Action – LIFESTYLE x Adler x Polaroids

LIFESTYLE is often considered the ultimate word in an individual’s dictionary; yet, in actuality, the word LIFESTYLE has nothing to do with a person’s personality or orientation. Rather, it refers to a set of clothing styles that have been popular throughout the ages and cultures of several different countries. The word came from the German term, Lagerfuer, with the obvious meaning of “light clothing for casual or light activity”.

In more modern times, the term LIFESTYLE now encompasses a much larger array of styles and fashions than originally existed. These days, one can find LIFESTYLE at most shopping establishments, from high-end luxury shops all the way down to the local mall. One of the newest additions to this wardrobe of choice is the “curated” collection, which was introduced by The Knoll in collaboration with New York fashion designer, John Galliano. In the past few years, LIFESTYLE has also been used in a spin-off campaign for GAP, with each offering their own interpretation of what the brand is all about.

Among the most popular pieces from the LIFESTYLE collection are the Beagles, an oversized bear that is worn by both men and women; the Gorgon, which is a modern take on the classic American biker jacket; and the Vintage Plaid, an oversized plaid shirt that comes in many different colors and is a great addition to any urban wardrobe. Some of the other more unique styles from the LIFESTYLE include the London Fog, a timeless grey flannel shirt; the Barcelona, a long sleeve shirt inspired by the Barcelona style; and the Slouch, a shirt that is specifically created for the slouching lifestyle. As a testament to the brand’s dedication to the urban street wear culture, a line was created that specifically pays homage to the infamous gangsta fashions of the past, namely the East Village and Projects.

While the brand is best known for high-end outerwear, LIFESTYLE does not focus solely on this wear. In fact, the LIFESTYLE x adler x polaroid collage hybrid collection offers a unique twist on the typical polaroid camera. Each piece is unique due to the combination of fabrics used. This cross between the real world and the virtual has lead to some interesting product choices by LIFESTYLE such as the polaroid photo blanket and the collage poster.

LIFESTYLE x adler x polaroid | collage | lifestyle | collage poster | lifestyle content} The LIFESTYLE x adler x polaroid collage poster is a unique product offering unique social media elements such as a canvas that can be stretched for different shapes and sizes. This is done using four strips of canvas that are joined together in the center with a series of metal rods. This technique is achieved through welding techniques that allow for flexibility and sturdiness. Each individual strip is then printed with unique colors that produce an original canvas that may vary from a basic black and white or rainbow colors. This piece of art is hand crafted by a talented artist that offers a unique lifestyle experience through the use of abstract art. A true example of individual psychology in action.