LIFESTYLE by Luanne Oakes, PhD


LIFESTYLE by Luanne Oakes, PhD

The LIFESTYLE concept refers to a theory that highlights the importance of human connections and interactions within organizations and societies. The concept was developed by Austrian social psychologist Alfred Adler in his influential article, The Case of Miss R. In this article, Adler describes how humans need to be connected, to appreciate one another, and to take care of each other.

The LIFESTYLE concept was first introduced by alfred adler in his famous article, The Case of Miss R. In this article, Adler describes the LIFESTYLE concept as: the individual’s “long-lasting, general, and enduring mental stability as expressed through his patterns of behavior”. As suggested by the term itself, the LIFESTYLE concept is about the importance of human connections and interactions. The concept was developed to help people identify their basic needs, as well as how they can enhance these needs, in order to create healthy social connections and lasting relationships. As stated by an official website of the LIFESTYLE concept: “arers help others by helping themselves…LIFESTYLE is an active process which supports emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and understanding.”

The idea of LIFESTYLE has expanded into the realm of modern business practices. In a 2021 edition of the Harvard Business Review, Kevin Keller and Barry Schwartz refer to LIFESTYLE as the “third eye”. This phrase, they note, is taken from the work of American psychological pioneer, Victor Frankl, who had the LIFESTYLE concept mentioned in one of his books. Using the term “third eye” expands the vision of what it means to be emotionally intelligent and socially competent. This expansion of the vision is useful for business purposes, as businesses that strive for social competence are necessarily more successful.

The three components of LIFESTYLE are five universal aspects of a healthy lifestyle, which the authors define as being emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. The five elements of a healthy lifestyle are eating the right foods, exercising the right muscles, being positive and having fun, among other aspects. It is important to remember, however, that while LIFESTYLE may refer to an overall concept, it actually has several core elements. These core elements are what bring about the “Lifestyle Experience”, or the whole “life-styles” experience.

In mass culture, there is generally no room for the development of individual lifestyles or personal development, and this is what makes LIFESTYLE so unique. By allowing for the development of individual lifestyles and life-styles, the LIFESTYLE concept provides a space where such development is possible. This is done through encouraging and empowering individuals to find and develop their inner resources – their own thoughts, feelings and ideas – in order to be true to themselves. The book is not a work on the methods by which people can find their way out of this prison called life, but it is primarily a book on how we can find our freedom through the power of our thoughts.

Stili Di Vita describes the benefits of a life style that is based on personal reflection and self-reflection, which is done through an intense process of self-examination. This process is facilitated through a series of meditation practices that are systematically linked with LIFESTYLE. In essence, when an individual practices the techniques outlined in the book, they become empowered in their ability to create a positive and fulfilling lifestyle, which includes the proper balance of physical, mental and spiritual health. Through LIFESTYLE, one can achieve a state of well-being that is beyond the ordinary. Achieving this state, which is referred to as the “Happiness State”, will enable the individual to realize their full potential as a human being and realize their full social and spiritual potential as well. This book is truly a masterpiece that every true adventurer must read.