The LIFESTYLE Personalised Umbrella Stand

The LIFESTYLE is one of the most popular models. It is known for its many features and is a great alternative to the older style flaps. The LIFESTYLE has many features and is quite modern. This makes it an easy alternative to many other similar products.

It is quite light in weight which is very practical when you consider what it does. One of the main attractions of this flap is the fact that you can leave it open. This means that you can still go about your daily business but with the ability to close it back up again should you need to. When you close it back up again it is hidden away neatly under your arm. This is also useful if you have someone who could potentially fall through the gap while you are walking with the flap closed.

It is quite stylish too. Many different patterns and colours are available making it a versatile item. Most of the LIFESTYLE products are made from aluminium although you can also find some made from stainless steel. You can also choose to get ones made from plastic or carbon fibre. They will vary in size and price too.

When fitting the LIFESTYLE you will need to measure down both sides of the flap. The measurement is taken from the corner of your mouth to the base of your neck. The size you get will depend on the actual height of your head. You should also take into consideration the thickness of your hair. Some people have very thick hair whilst others have very fine hair.

When fitting the LIFESTYLE ensure that you don’t force the flap too far open as then it will be uncomfortable and there will be no insulation. Once fitted go over it again with an elastic band to make sure that it stays put. This can be quite tricky so it is important to follow the instructions carefully. The instructions will advise the pressure you should apply to the flap but it is better to have a few tests done first.

After using the LIFESTYLE for a period of time, it may become slightly difficult to insert and remove. This is because the Velcro that is underneath the Velcro on each corner comes undone when it gets very warm. To remedy this, just peel back the protective covering to expose the inner Velcro. Then slide the flap in straight and easy. It’s much easier than it used to be.