What Is Max Weber’s Lifestyle?

LIFESTYLE is an acronym for: Light Energy, Forward, Flight, and Life Force. Lifestyle is a concept that represents your personal energy and creativity. The concept was introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his influential article, The Case of Miss R. in 1930.

In this article I will clarify some of the key concepts in LIFESTYLE and introduce you to a concept borrowed from sociologist Carl Jung, namely the need to integrate your personal and social media in order to access your creative potential. LIFESTYLE is a simple concept; it is the combination of your social media activities (such as blogs, groups, mailing lists, etc.) and your individual psychological and emotional styles. As suggested by the word lifestyle, Lifestyles represent your preferences, interests, attitudes, behaviors, and social orientations. By observing yourself, you can begin to discover what types of activities bring you pleasure and which ones lead you down a more mundane path. You might even discover that there are certain activities that lead you to feel fulfilled and other ones that leave you dissatisfied.

It is important to understand that the word lifestyle in the LIFESTYLE framework does not necessarily refer to a particular type of fashion, dress, or fashion-related habit. For example, my vegan lifestyle is not a lifestyle according to the word lifestyle in the LIFESTYLE framework. What my vegan lifestyle is instead, is a way of being, or a way of relating to myself as a human being. The vegan lifestyle is my way of being in touch with my values, principles, and interests about the world around me. And since I live a ‘vegan lifestyle’, then every aspect of my life is LIFESTYLE.

In this way, the word LIFESTYLE is not a limiting, constraining word. Instead, it invites you to discover and live your own unique Lifestyle. This is done through individual psychology, which is to say that the way in which you live is affected by your relationship to the world around you. My experience with my vegan diet as an adult has influenced my relationship with animals, with food, with people, and with other aspects of my life style. These aspects of my life style have shaped my values, my interests, my behaviors, my relationships, and my view of the world.

With this in mind, when I talk about LIFESTYLE, I am not saying that LIFESTYLE is the only way for you to live. But that LIFESTYLE IS the best way for you to live your life. If you have an open mind and a willingness to change your relationship to life style and accept new ways of understanding the world and other people, LIFESTYLE may be just for you. And if LIFESTYLE inspires and empowers you to find joy in being alive and letting go of the things that don’t serve you, then – good for you!

Max Weber’s book LIFESTYLE is a great addition to the literature about vegetarian diets. Weber provides us with very useful tools such as the questionnaires he designed to measure the different aspects of lifestyle and identify the different “Lifestyles” for Vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, and others. As we come to terms with our individual life-style and discover our individual passions and interests, we can make positive choices that will help to support a healthy lifestyle.